“Every human body tells its own story, and it’s a story we each write for ourselves.”

Kelly Jensen





BodyTalk is an energy medicine that creates a space for communication with the innate wisdom of our mind so that our systems can be brought back into balance. It is gentle, safe, and effective for people of all ages. It is also extremely well received by our fur babies!

Your body has Innate Intelligence. It knows how to heal. When you cut yourself, it heals without you having to think about it. When you break a bone, the doctor sets it, and it regrows.

Whenever you catch a cold, your body heals from it. Your natural state is one of health. Your body is always striving to be in a happy and healthy state of homeostasis.

A practitioner trained in this modality has tuned into this wisdom and can then create a space for the body to communicate what needs to happen in order to heal. Sometimes a sore knee is due to a misaligned neck.

Did you know that each and every cell in your body is in constant communication with each other? So, the cells in your liver are always talking to the cells in your toes! Another interesting fact about the cells in our bodies is that every single cell holds the holographic blueprint for our WHOLE body! Using the same liver to toe analogy, if you have a broken toe, your liver knows!



This is a key factor in the BodyTalk System as it heals the WHOLE body because the work done is performed on the body’s blueprint, this makes the changes permanent. The process may take a bit longer than we are accustomed to with the speed of prescription or OTC drugs, but this is permanent.