What Is Bodytalk?

Your body has an innate intelligence. It knows how to heal. When you cut yourself, it heals without you having to think about it. When you break a bone, the doctor sets it, and it regrows. Whenever you catch a cold, your body heals from it. Your natural state is one of health. Your body are always striving to be in happy and healthy state of homeostasis.

Bodytalk is an energy medicine that creates a space for communication with this part of our mind so that our systems can be brought back into balance. It is gentle, safe, and effective for people of all ages.

I work side-by-side with Carla Van Voorst. She has over 25 years of experience in energy medicine, the two of us combined make for powerful sessions creating positive and permanent change in your life.

Hypnosis and Bodytalk Together?

When a person is in the natural state of hypnosis, the immune system becomes stronger, which means the body can heal more effectively and efficiently.

Using Hypnosis and Bodytalk together lets the body release stored emotions and traumas from the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

These modalities strengthen and deepen one another, and create a truly holistic healing.

While you and I focus on creating permanent and positive change in your subconscious mind, Carla works on your body (hands-free). You will leave our session feeling anew and refreshed.

Hypnotherapy & Bodytalk: Balance hormones, neurotransmitters & immune system.
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