Hypnosis As A Credible Therapy

Hypnosis as a form of therapy is not new, having been around for an estimated 4000 years, and having been recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) since 1958. Hypnosis is a credible branch of therapy that is considered to work faster than traditional talk therapy – studies show that the work done in six hypnotherapy sessions is similar to that done in 600 traditional talk therapy sessions! Talk about a wise investment.

Imagine, you’re getting ready to go to sleep. You’re laying in bed, blanket pulled up around your shoulders and pillow tucked under your head. Your room is dark and you’re comfortable and calm. You begin to feel yourself drifting off – your eyes close,your breathing slows and you’re relaxed. You know, the moment when you’re SO relaxed you couldn’t even be bothered to move even if you wanted to, but you’re still aware of your thoughts? This state, this wonderfully relaxed feeling, is almost the same as when you’re in a session with your hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis is a natural state, one that the majority of people use already. In fact, it’s as easy and as natural as falling asleep. By the way, did you know hypnosis is a GREAT natural sleep aid? 

For 95% of the population, hypnosis is effective,easy, and perfectly safe. However, it is important to note that those with schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders may need to use caution when considering hypnosis as a therapy.

Even with its amazing effectiveness, and this incredible article published by the American Journal of Medicine in March 2020 stating that hypnosis is the most effective treatment yet to prescribe, there are common misconceptions attached to hypnosis being used as a form of therapy. 

The most common misconception is that hypnosis is a form of mind control. This misinformation stems from stage shows, Hollywood movies, and even graduation ceremonies that use hypnosis as a type of party trick. In these shows, participants are put into a hypnotic state and are asked to do things that some may find embarrassing. It is very important to state that the participants are in 100% control of their actions and that they are okay with performing these things. If they were to go against a person’s moral compass, that person would pull themselves out of trance and NOT partake in the activities. These stage shows can cause hesitation among non-participants and participants alike about using hypnosis as a form of therapy at a later time.

Another common misconception is that the person in trance will tell their deepest darkest secrets. This is also not true. The subconscious mind is responsible for keeping the person safe. If giving up a “secret” is unsafe, it will not be told, unless it is actually needed to help the person shift into a better version of themself. That is how powerful the mind is. Once permission has been given and safety is established the information will then flow and change can occur.

Of all the things that hypnosis is and can be, it could not be farther from just stage shows, embarrassing tasks, and mind control.

Hypnosis as a medical practice is definitely not a new thing, and isn’t something someone should be wary about because it has been classified as having a definitive application throughout the various medical fields. Because of its recognition within the AMA, hypnosis appears within the medical curricula at big league schools, such as Harvard, Columbia, and Stanford. As well as this, training and certification can be obtained through the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA), the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT), National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NFNLP), and others. It is important that the hypnotherapist you choose to see has received the proper training and certification. Bonus points if they are a member of any or all of these organizations or schools! As well as this, when picking out a hypnotherapist: trust your gut. Your intuition is one of your strongest allies and will ensure that you have the best experience with your hypnotherapist.


What is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy? 

Great question! Hypnosis provides suggestions – think guided meditation. Hypnotherapy is getting to the root cause of the issue. Another way of looking at it is hypnosis is the state you’re in, hypnotherapy is what is done in that state.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are effective in releasing trauma, creating connections to the self, improving self-esteem, creating or changing habits and addictions, and so much more. In fact, the uses of hypnosis as a powerful, natural, cost-effective form of therapy are as limitless as the mind!

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In Love and Support,


Daneaya Z

Hypnosis and Bodytalk

Imagine learning how to automatically take advantage of an ability that you already have to shift the areas in your life that you wish to shift.

Hypnosis is a natural state of focus and relaxation that we all go into many different times in a day. Any time we lose sense of time or space, we are in a hypnotic state. Daydreaming, visualizing, and even “running on autopilot” are hypnotic states.

Using hypnotherapy updates the information in your mind, and helps you let go of old belief systems and habits, and subscribe to new ones that are more beneficial. Ultimately, this helps move you toward a happier, more fulfilling life.

Hypnosis is the state a person is in; hypnotherapy is what is done while in said state.

This happens because as a person relaxes, their brain waves slow down. Our waking state, known as beta, is where we are when we are learning, having an active conversation, and generally engaging with our five senses. As the brain waves drop with relaxation, the conscious mind slows down and, in a sense, turns off. This happens every day when we fall asleep and then in the reverse order when we wake up. As the brain waves drop and the conscious mind turns off, the subconscious mind becomes more accessible.

This is important because the subconscious mind makes up the majority of our mind and contains every single second of our soul’s existence. Every. Single. Second. It records 24/7, 365 days a year. It holds our entire operating system. When a human is born, their conscious mind has not yet been developed, and 80% of this operating system is put into place between conception and seven to eight years old. As we age and the conscious mind develops, it becomes increasingly difficult to make changes to our operating systems. For a change to be permanent, it must happen at the subconscious level. Hypnosis is a natural and safe way to access the subconscious mind in order to unwind your story and create positive, permanent change.

Bodytalk is a type of medicine that is based upon consciousness or energy. It is also deeply rooted in quantum physics, meaning that simply by observing, something can transpire.

We all have an energy system. It is our energy system that maintains every other system within our body and mind. It is the part of us that knows how to heal. Think about when a person cuts themselves or breaks a bone. Most of the time, the body will heal itself relatively easily. We all have this innate ability. Our bodies are always talking to us and communicating what it needs. We have forgotten how to listen, or we’ve been programmed into believing that powering through something is the best, strongest way to do it. Or that a human has developed something that cannot be healed from. We take a pill for this or a pill for that, and it simply mutes the message. Respecting that all types of medicine have a worthwhile place in healing, we have simply forgotten about taking care of our energy system.

Bodytalk is a modality where the practitioner has been trained to listen to this innate wisdom and create a space for it to come back into balance, or homeostasis.

This innate wisdom is within the subconscious mind, and so, as a person is experiencing a bodytalk session, they relax. An interesting thing happens to a human as they relax: All the energy that had been going to all the different things that need to happen to stay alert and aware gets redirected to healing the body. That’s why resting is so important when a person is sick.

The healing that takes place during a bodytalk session happens within the holographic blueprint that the body has. This means that any healing that happens during a bodytalk session is permanent.

A colleague and I discovered the potency of using these two modalities together quite by accident. We were in our hypnosis training, and we had an opportunity to try bodytalk and hypnosis together on a young man that had been in an ATV accident and suffered a severe brain injury. He was not able to talk, sit upright, or drive and was fainting upwards of 

20 times in a day. We went to his house and gave it a go … and the results were outstanding. Within four sessions he was off medication, had light in his eyes, colour in his cheeks, and was back at work.

We have been working together ever since, and have been very fortunate to have witnessed some incredible transformations because using hypnosis and bodytalk together truly creates a body, mind, and soul healing session.

Hypnosis is a focused state of relaxation and as the body and mind relax, the immune system fires up more effectively and heals even deeper. The body healing supports the changes in the way a person thinks because the person physically feels better.

On their own, these two modalities are incredibly powerful and when combined the results are synergistic and amplified.

Both modalities have great results with trauma release, PTSD, anxiety and depression, increased self-confidence, happiness, and an overall increased sense of well-being.

Hello world!



Valentines Day…the day of love. 


When I was in my 20’s Valentine’s day was enjoyed with my boyfriend (if I had one) and/or worked at whatever restaurant I was employed at It was a GREAT money making day as a server!?


At 25, when I met the man I thought I would spend my life with, he proposed to me on Valentines Day. It was so romantic! 


A handwritten, heartfelt letter in a cute little basket, held by an adorable teddy bear. I read the letter and with tears flowing from my eyes, I looked up and there he was, down on one knee, tears in his eyes, ring in hand. I said Yes!!?


Flash forward 8 Valentine’s Days, and there I was – a single Mom to two amazing humans. And very, very bitter about Valentine’s Day. ?


I have consciously been working on becoming the best version of myself since my the day my first child was born. See, I made a promise to that little human to do whatever I could to make sure that they had a higher self-esteem than I did at 16 so different choices could be made.


I could only fulfill that promise by doing all the things, sitting with and in all my stuff. Learning to love each and every part of me, including my shadow self.


Personal growth is not pretty.


It has shown me the deepest, darkest depths of my soul. The parts that have been so hurt from a lack of love they had buried themselves deep.


Layer after layer these parts showed themselves. I worked hard to gain the trust of each part of myself before the next one would show. I got to learn how to wrap those parts of me that I was not proud of in love. I got to learn how to love the parts of me that had not been loved in a long, long time, if ever.


Slowly, I WAS becoming a better version of myself, a more loving version of myself, I was creating a new mindset about me. ?


But Valentine’s Day was still an ouchy…
I always showed up for my kids, for everyone else, but inside, my heart was sad and bitter on February 14th.


13 years later I sit Valentine’s Day… sad. Having come out of a brutally beautiful relationship that, before I saw what it was, I thought was “the one”. The one that started to mend the Valentine’s Day hurt.


Asking myself what I need, writing came up, and in this releasing, a healing is happening.


By writing these words, I am giving space to that part of me that is sad about the loss of my marriage and the loss of my last relationship. I am so grateful that I can hold space for that part of me that cries tears of heartbreak and hurt.


Today, I am choosing me. I am choosing to be the best Valentine I can be, to the most important person in my world – me!


Today, this Valentine’s Day, my 13th one as a single mom, I heal that part of me. Today,in wrap that part of me in so much love that Valentine’s Day becomes a special day again. ?


It is important for me to share that my ex is the best ex anyone could ever have. He is a kind, loving and present dad. We have an incredible family unit. This is about me, on my own personal journey.


Thank you to those that read these words.


Happy Valentine’s Day.
May you all be wrapped in love.


In Love and Support,


Daneaya Z. ??