Hi, my name is Daneaya!

My Mission

It is my goal to provide a safe, comfortable space that encourages people to unwind their story by releasing their emotional ties to childhood trauma, PTSD, and other issues that are of concern so they can discover and enrich their connection to themselves. 

I am happy you’re here. Thank you for visiting my site. It is my intention to help you unwind your story and create positive, permanent change by using a unique mixture of my professional and personal skills.

I have been professionally trained as a certified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, BodyTalk practitioner, and attuned as a Reiki Master. I have also worked in the food service industry and retail for over 20 years. I could include being a single mother to two grown children, but there is no actual certification for that, although there should be…!

My own personal story that I began to unwind 27 years ago, and continue to unwind today, has given me the knowledge and real-life experience to help lead you into your own internal power.

In my spare time, I love learning new things and exploring new places! Yoga is my current personal passion and the outdoors could be my second home!

My inbox is open if you would like to know how I can support you on your personal journey.

Thank you.

In Love and Support, 

Daneaya Z.